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                Automobile industry
                As a vehicle, a large number of atmospheric pollutants such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, lead oxides and so on are emitted every day. They are important sources of atmospheric pollution and bring serious harm to human health and ecological environment.
                Energy saving and emission reduction is the eternal theme of the development of the automotive industry. To continuously strengthen energy saving and emission reduction has become an urgent need for the sound and rapid development of China's economy.
                In developed ries, automobiles determine oil demand, and are also the key factors affecting greenhouse gas and harmful gas emissions. To achieve environmental protection goals, it is necessary to reduce automobile oil consumption and gas emissions. But on the other hand, automobile is a pillar industry and a basic means of transportation. Governments of all ries need to maintain the development of automobile to promote economic development and the improvement of people's living welfare. Developing energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles can reduce oil consumption and protect the atmospheric environment while maintaining the growth of automobiles. Therefore, governments all over the world generally regard the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles as an important part of realizing their energy and environment policies and sustainable development of the automotive industry.