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                Application Security Monitoring Industry


                Welding Machine Industry
                Security Monitoring Industry
                Cabinet Industry
                Furnace and Kitchen Industry
                Main Board Board Industry
                Medical cosmetic industry
                LED Lighting Industry
                Automobile industry
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                  No. 28 Industrial Road, Xinqiaotang Industrial Zone, Dalang Village, Longhua Town, Shenzhen

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                  0755-29849937 0755-29849935

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                  xym168@sunonsz.com xieyicong@sunonsz.com

                Security Monitoring Industry
                Security industry comes into being with the security needs of modern society. It can be said that as long as there are crime and instability factors in society, the security industry will exist and develop. Facts have proved that the social crime rate is not often reduced because of the social development and economic prosperity. In developed ries such as Europe and the United States, if there is no security system based on high-tech technology, its social crime rate may be several times or even dozens of times higher than it is now. The "folk custom" of "not shutting up at night" and "not picking up lost roads" is in fact just a good wish. Now that this industry has been born, it will not die out. At present, the security market equipment demand is still one of the fastest growing markets.