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                Application Welding Machine Industry


                Welding Machine Industry
                Security Monitoring Industry
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                Main Board Board Industry
                Medical cosmetic industry
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                Automobile industry
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                Welding Machine Industry
                The main component of the welding machine is a step-down transformer, which melts the solder and the soldered material on the electrode through the high temperature arc generated by the short circuit between the positive and negative poles, so as to achieve the purpose of combining the contacted material. There are many kinds of welding machines in China, including arc welding, electron beam welding, resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, friction welding, laser welding, pressure welding and special/special welding equipment.
                Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's welding machine industry has been growing and maturing through continuous development. Many welding machine manufacturers, such as private enterprises, joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises, have joined in the competition of welding machine manufacturing, and become the main enterprises in China's welding machine manufacturing industry. At present, a number of enterprises with a certain scale have been formed. In 2018, the top ten famous brands in the welding machine industry were Panasonic, Lincoln, Ruiling, Christie, Shanghai Engineering, Ottawa, Isa, Miller, Times and GM, of which the number of Chinese brands aced for more than half.