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                About us About

                About us

                contact us
                • Address:

                  No. 28 Industrial Road, Xinqiaotang Industrial Zone, Dalang Village, Longhua Town, Shenzhen

                • Tel:

                  0755-29849937 0755-29849935

                • Fax:


                • Mailbox:

                  xym168@sunonsz.com xieyicong@sunonsz.com

                Shenzhen Jianzhun Electrical Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd

                Shenzhen Jianzhun Electrical Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd
                • 1992year

                  Sino-foreign joint ventures established by Shenzhen Municipal Government in November

                • 100+

                  More than 100 employees

                • 300ten thousand

                  Annual output of more than 3 million units

                Shenzhen Jianzhun Electrical Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture approved by Shenzhen Municipal Government in November 1992. It mainly produces radiator fan and cover pole motor. Products are sold to domestic and foreign markets. With the goal of "establishing standards", the company has established a good supply relationship with all customers with the aim of excellent quality and considerate service. "SZJZ" and "SUNON" trademarks registered by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce have been recognized and trusted by customers in society. Our company moved to the new site in January 2006 for production and office. The new company's production base is three times that of the existing one, and its capacity is more than three times that of the current one. The new production base will establish a more perfect management system and product quality system, product quality and service will go up to a new level, more than 100 employees. The annual output is over 5 million units. And has some senior professionals and managers, skilled and stable staff. Many production equipment and testing instruments are imported from abroad.

                At present, there are mainly two kinds of cooling fans in our company: 12038, 12025, 11025, 9225, 8038, 8025 and 15050, and 12038, 12025, 9225, 8025, 6025, 4020 and 4010. In addition to the production of conventional fan products, our company can also manufacture all kinds of cover pole motors and cross-flow fan products according to customers'requirements, ranging from 48 series to 82 series.

                Our company's products are of stable quality, low noise, large air volume and long service life. It has obtained many domestic and international certifications. Axial fan and cover pole motor have obtained CCC certification in China, ISO 9001:2015, UL certification in the United States, CE certification in the European Union, TUV certification in Germany, IEC certification, ROHS REACH certification, and the products are sold to the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. Our company's products are also used by some well-known enterprises in China, such as Haier, Qingdao, etc.
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